A little bit about me…..
My name is Tomas Psarras and I'm a DJ / producer / audio engineer / Sound & Lighting assistant. I've been a lover of House music since the age of 14. I began DJing aged 16 and I have since graduated from Southampton Solent University with a degree in Urban & Electronic Music.
My biggest electronic musical influences are The Orb, Underworld, Tom Middleton and Orbital. I am producing tracks that reflect these influences bringing my own fresh perspective on contemporary dance music.

Keep watching for original tracks, DJ mixes, events and other electronic music bots 'n' bobs!


My new choon. Give it a spin and see what you make of it!

I’ll be recording a couple of mixes over the festive period, so keep you eyes peeled for them!

New remix from myself, inspired by the work of Massive Attack. Lush vocals from my good friend Isobel Mai, overlaid onto my deep and spacial beats, pads, strings and bass. 

Listen, enjoy, and feel free to comment!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, so I thought I’d start with a DJ mix I recorded back in 2007. No post-editing on this whatsoever. Genre blending, foot stomping fun!


1. Jump Up – Admiral Bailey
2. Intro – RJD2 [Taken From ‘Since We Last Spoke’]
3. Rusty – Lack of Afro
4. Azua Azua (Latin Funk Mix) – Deela
5. Boom Boom – The Grits
6. Take Me Higher (Waiwan Remix) – Fertile Ground
7. Red Indian (Squaws For Hoar’s Edit) – Julius Affleck
8. Cavemen [A.K.A ‘Troglodyte’] – The Neanderthal
9. What Is This Sound? – Peace Division
10. Supernatural Funk – Mr Fuzz
11. DanceHall Master (Mr Fuzz Remix) – Grantorino Ft. Xav
12. Life In The Rain (Carl Faure Mix) – Quantic
13. Peter Gunn [Turntable Detective] – The Killergroove Formula
14. Get A Move On – Mr Scruff
15. Funk On A Roll (Bump ‘n’ Flex Remix) – James Brown
16. Spanish Main – The Coral
17. Psychotic Reaction – Count Five
18. Call Me – Nancy Wilson
19. Back A Yard – The In Crowd


New DJ mix recorded this afternoon. A lot of material from the last couple of months as well as an all time house classic to round things off.

If you haven’t heard it already then be sure to check out Death on the Balcony ‘Everytime’… absolutely HUGE!!!!

Serve with a nice refreshing beverage!

Download / Listen / Enjoy!

1. Nivek Tsoy - Bad (Kevin Yost remix) 
2. Crazy P - Changes (Hot Toddy remix) 
3. Gianluca Calabrese - Keep Deep 
4. Eli Escobar - Work It 
5. Geeeman - Bang’t 
6. Pablo Bolivar - Cool Down 
7. Moka Disco Express - The Crop (Stefano Albanese remix) 
8. Pablo Bolivar - Ion 
9. Shane Linehan - Do You Know Who You Are 
10. Death On The Balcony - Everytime 
11. Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug (Todd Terje disco dub) 
12. Masters At Work Presents India - To Be In Love


My interpretation of one of George Bensons all time classics. Have a listen and turn up your sub bass!


My latest live DJ mixtape. Some fresh material from March and some sounds that have been doing the rounds for a couple of months also. Still loving the output from Need Want… Some of the hottest records on the label at the moment and the artwork is great too! I’m always looking for fresh sounds to include in my mixes, so if you have some original material you’d like to share, I will give it a once over and include it in the next mix. Download / Listen / Enjoy!

Tracklisting 1. Maxxi Soundsystem - Make Or Break 2. Tomas Psarras - Deep Blue (Demo mix) 3. Nivek Tsoy - Bad (Kevin Yost remix) 4. Davidson Ospin Ft. David Walker - The More I Get The More I Want (Ospina Deep Down dub) 5. James Johnston - Get The Feeling Back 6. Bonar Bradberry - Lip Therapy (Maxxi Soundsystem Yeh Yeh remix) 7. Robert Owens - One Body (Nicholas interpretation) 8. Burnin Tears - Confessions 9. Gianluca Calabrese - Keep Deep 10. Wil Maddams - Tell Me 11. Alton Miller Ft. Abacus - Ever Wonder (Fish Go deep mix)

New mix coming soon! Hopefully within the next couple of weeks at the most!

Introducing my latest mixtape, featuring numerous up-and-coming as well as established talents, the mix sits around the 124bpm mark, covering Deep House, Ambient House and Electronica with a hint of Tech mixed in for good measure. Just shy of an hour in length, the mix is downloadable from my Soundcloud page if preferred.

Be sure to check out the links to any of the artists if you like their stuff!


1. Raffertie - Mass Appeal 
2. Stephane Deschezeaux - The Right Stuff 
3. Discoshit - Number One 
4. Kruse Nuernberg - Reminiscence (Michelle Owen Remix) 
5. Charlie Banks - Saying What (Christophe Remix) 
6. Bonar Bradberry - Lip Therapy (Maxxi Soundsystem ‘Yeh Yeh’ Remix) 
7. Maxxi Soundsystem - Make Or Break 
8. Wil Maddams - Tell Me 
9. Audiojack - Get Serious 
10. Eli Escobar - I Believe (Ft. Lindsey Caldwell) 
11. Tomas Psarras - Organic Matter

My next mixtape will be up in March… 

My latest track, inspired by the harder deep house sounds of the past decade. It rattles along at 120bpm, although towards the peak of the track, the percussion, bass and kick give the impression that it’s quite a bit faster!